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Serving Guelph and area since 2015 we are proud to announce the acquisition of Lightning Delivery Service May 1 2021. Like Zippy & Lippy, Lightning Delivery has also been a family owned and operated business. Lightning Delivery has been serving the area since 1929!

We service a vast roster of local, national and international accounts, from large corporations to small home-based businesses. We pick up and deliver primarily in the greater Southern Ontario area however, we do offer regular routes to Owen Sound, Orangeville and of course Toronto!

We have a wide variety of vehicles to service your company’s delivery requirements – from cars to half-tons to 3-tons to five-tons. We have you covered and are equipped to satisfy your needs.

Our experienced company drivers are knowledgeable, professional and will always go the extra mile for you in a courteous, polite manner. All our customers are viewed as an extension of our business and integral to our success.

We have a variety of vehicle styles in our fleet in order to ship everything from envelopes to pallets safely, and, on time!

Our assets are meticulously maintained that include vans, pick-up trucks, and high cubed straight trucks (all equipped with power tailgates for those deliveries where a dock or forklift are not available).

We also specialize in delivering mail and parcels across Guelph and surrounding areas. Our fleet of vans and straight trucks can handle what you need delivered. Let us look after your inter-office mail, and banking deliveries. Same day service. Bonded and Insured.

Province Wide On Demand Same Day Service

Scheduled, Regular, Express or Rush!

Choose Which Service Fits Your Delivery Needs and Budget!

On-Demand Freight Delivery

Our high-cube, dock level 26′ straight trucks can handle loads up to 6,000 pounds and are equipped with power tailgates, logistics and straps.

We specialize in on-demand same-day, time-sensitive and pre-scheduled freight deliveries.

Scheduled Delivery

If your business has several recurring delivery jobs, our dedicated routes and drivers are exactly what you need. This worry-free service offers scheduled deliveries to and from the locations you deal with most often.

We assign dedicated vehicles and drivers to your jobs, so they become familiar with your specific route and service preferences. Our goal is to provide outstanding customer service. Our pickup and delivery services are always timely, professional and accurate.

We service all industries, from trucking and airfreight companies to small home-based businesses to large corporations and ANY organization who needs immediate service!

  • Envelopes – Small Packages

  • Pallet Delivery – Full Truck Loads

  • Over-Sized Items – Office Mail Courier

  • Construction Sites – Legal Documents

  • Parts – Liftgate Delivery

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    Adopt A Road

    Giving Back To The Community

    Our first company cleanup took place May 27, 2017 on Wellington Rd 35 between Forestell Rd and Wellington Rd 34.

    Our awesome drivers turned out on a rainy Saturday morning and we collected 60 kg of garbage from the road.

    Everyone was treated to burgers and dogs after a job well done.

    Thanks to a great team!

    Adopt a Road

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